Milk powder

Also Known As

Dry Whole Milk, Powdered Milk, Spray dried Milk.


Marco Polo in the 13th century reported that soldiers of Kublai Khan carried sun-dried milk on their expeditions.

In more recent times, milk has been dried in thin films on heated rollers. The earliest patents for this process date from the turn of the century.

Such roller drying was the main means of producing milk powders until the 1960s when spray drying took over.


Milk powder is a manufactured dairy product, prepared by the process evaporation of whole milk. The resulting powder form of milk is then fortified with Vitamins A and D. It is then packaged. It is a white colored powder, soft to feel. The main purpose of evaporating milk is to increase its shelf life due to removal of water content from the original liquid form milk, thus preserving the milk. Also transportation becomes easier due to decrease in bulk size.

How to Select

The prominent one available in grocery store or food malls is the Everyday milk creamer. Also Reliance Fresh offers loosely sold milk powder. The packaging is varied as small sachets, or standard sized packets or in tins. Also many countries export milk powder and you can check and buy it online through internet. While buying from the store, just see to it that there is no lump formation of the powder, may be due to moisture, especially in rainy season. There are some, which have more fat % as compared to others, so choice the 1 you need.

Culinary Uses

Powdered milk has been a staple in many countries. It can be stored and reconstituted into milk by just adding water.
You can make home made Yogurt by reconstituting the whole milk powder with warm water and mixing 1 tbsp of yogurt. Let it set untouched for around 6-7 hours and can then refrigerate it for further use.
Recipes like Sour cream or yogurt cream cheese, shrikhand, cottage cheese can also be made using the milk powder.
Tasty White and cheese sauces can also be prepared using milk powder instead of whole milk.
You can also make Sweetened Condensed milk using the whole milk powder. For making it :
Blend cup hot water, using a blender.
Slowly add th cup sugar.
Now add th cup milk powder
Blend until smooth

You can try adding butter or margarine if you want to use it for making shortenings.

How to Store

Dry milk is easier to store due to its small size as compared to whole milk, but its only disadvantage is that it does not taste the same as the liquid form. Due to presence of milk fat, always store it in refrigerator once you open the pack. Otherwise, a sealed pack can be stored in a cool but dry place. You can remove it in a glass or vacuumed plastic bottle. Use a dry spoon or scoop to remove it from the container and lid it tightly after every use to avoid lumping of milk powder, due to moisture. Once reconstituted, refrigerate it like other milk beverages.

Health Benefits

Milk is a wholesome and complete food, that is widely considered as a balanced diet.
Milk powder contains almost the same amount of proteins (26%) and carbohydrates (37%) as in the liquid form, though water content is decreased to just 3%. However the fat % varies from 25- 28 % depending on the company.
The milk protein Casein is said to stimulate the whole body and helps in muscle- protein synthesis.
Milk powder is also fortified with vitamins A and D. Vitamin A helps to improve vision whereas Vitamin D helps in the formation on Bones. Both the vitamins play an important role in maintenance and repair of Skin.
The calcium present in it promotes growth and maintenance of teeth and bones throughout the life.