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IBM.SL  International Business Management, is a shareholders Trading company registered in Bnro, Czech Republic, and Madrid Spain ,with offices in Spain - Slovakia - Czech Republic.and Colombia.

Our three societies structure allows us to offer the best service in a significant geographic area.

Every society has the team that required to meet the needs of ours customers, in close and direct manner, with the speed and flexibility of a small business and the benefits and synergies derived from belonging to a group.

For the IBM.SL group, Our customers come first. We have implemented a Total quality system according to ISO 9001 standards for the design, the after-sales service of petroleum products and other raw materials, like : copper,aluminum,coal,coltan,iron etc .as well as in the real estate and construction and renewable energy and energy projects.

We select the best suppliers and products. We carry out an exhaustive tracing of deliveries.

We are in joint venture with U.S. companies, Colombian, Venezuelan, Russian and European, to meet the needs of our customers.

Our customers expect from us a reliable supplier , able to meet their needs, this may only be possible if our suppliers are.

Thus we have established supply agreements and technical cooperation for the development of new products with the more important suppliers , allowing us to offer our customers the highest quality and the best technical capacity.

  • Increasing our volumes in order to maintain and improve our competitiveness.
  • Offer to our clients the best service in any geographic area.
  • Ensuring our future away from crisis subject to a sector or a certain geographical area .

In this dynamic of expansion we hope to continue incorporating new clients in new sectors and countries, as well as new representations around the World.

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